What is a Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS) is

When viewed in general, Content Management System or often we are familiar with CMS, has a very broad sense. If we see the meaning of every word, can be defined as a system that deliberately set a content thing, either add, modify, reduce, and so on. understanding of the content itself is also varied, as article, journals, reports, pictures, videos and other content from a website. Today’s Content Management System has become a major tool for the web more optimally and efficiently.

Currently a web site almost all have used Content Management System because it is a great help in data management site.

Content Management System (CMS) is

Content Management System

According to wikipedia Content Management System is a software that allows one to add and / or manipulate (change) the contents of a Web site. so here Content Management System can be defined as a system that gives a lot of convenience to allow users to manage and organize the content of a website dynamically changes without prior should be equipped with knowledge about the technical issues for web management. However, users are advised to remain here know the basics so that the use of Web Content Management System can be maximized.

The basic elements of the Content Management System

In Common, there are two things that support the Content Management System, which

the content management application (Content Management Application, [CMA])

The CMA element allows the users to process creation, deletion, or modification relating to all content of a Web site without the need to have knowledge of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and expertise as a Webmaster

content delivery applications (content delivery application [CDA]).

The CDA element uses and collects information that previously had been added, subtracted or altered by the website manager to update or update the Web site.

But keep in mind, We have many Content Management System paid or free, or open source. the difference here is clear and feature capabilities are diverse, but most of the free software now comes with management format, revision control, web-based publishing, manufacturing index, search and archiving. Content Management System is currently very popular and much favored by the manager of a website to facilitate better management of the maximal and efficient.

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