understanding About ICMP

Internet Control Message Protocol. ICMP is the abbreviation of “Internet Control Message Protocol“. When the information is transferred via the Internet, the computer system automatically send and receive data using TCP / IP. If the transfer process there is a problem with a message or a network connection, fault and status of the connection are sent using the ICMP, which is part of the Internet protocol.

When a computer device connected to other Internet systems such as the Web server to view the website, it may seem like a quick and easy process. While we can feel the connection can take place in seconds, often there are Internet Control Message Protocol separate connections that have to happen for a computer to successfully communicate with each other.

In fact, if you were to track all steps of the Internet connection using the traceroute command, it may surprise you that the internet connection as often as they succeed. This is because for each “hop” along the way, the network must be functional and able to accept requests from your computer.

In cases where there is a problem with a connection error, or an unstable connection, ICMP can send back the code for your system to explain why the connection failed. many messages that are delivered, one of them “unreachable network” for a system that is down, or “Access denied”, for password-protected secure system. ICMP also can provide routing messege to help cut the system unresponsive.

ICMP also can send the messages that are different from, most were never seen by the user. Even if you receive an error message, the software you use, such as Web browsers, has most likely already translated into a message that you will understand.

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