[Solved] problem on cpanel server Using CSF – mount.nfs: Operation not permitted

mount.nfs: Operation not permitted

I’m used to seeing command not respond or timeout because CSF is blocking it but never Operation not permitted.

This is the basic install I did and it works with CSF is off:

1. Install rpcbind

$ sudo yum install rpcbind

2. Install NFS-related packages:

$ sudo yum install nfs-utils nfs-utils-lib

3. Once installed, configure the nfs, nfslock and rpcbind to run as daemons:

$ sudo chkconfig –level 35 nfs on
$ sudo chkconfig –level 35 nfslock on
$ sudo chkconfig –level 35 rpcbind on

4. then start the rpcbind and nfs daemons:

$ sudo service rpcbind start
$ sudo service nfslock start
$ sudo service nfs start

5. Allow NFS through CSF firewall:

$ sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/nfs

and set:


6. then restart nfs daemons:

$ sudo service rpcbind restart
$ sudo service nfs restart

7. then open nfs ports in CSF firewall:

$ sudo vi /etc/csf/csf.conf

tcp 111,662,875,892,2049,32803
udp 111,662,875,892,32769

8. Restart CSF:

$ sudo csf -uf

Solusion :
csf -a nas-ip

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