maximizing the internet connection

maximizing the internet connection. By default OS, especially Windows XP Professional is set to use the bandwidth restrictions for internet connection as much as 20% of the total bandwidth, from there we may be able to maximize maximizing the internet connection  the bandwidth allocation for computer devices

A. Change the Bandwidth Setting in Windows.

– Click the Start Menu.
– Select Run, then type gpedit.msc and then select OK.
– After the Group Policy window appears Select Administrative Templates -> Network ->
QoS Packet Scheduler.
– Select a Bandwidth Limit maximizing the internet connection Reserveble and change to Enable input.
– In the Bandwidth limit (%) is converted to 0 (zero) then click OK.
– Exit and restart Windows.

2. Using the DNS settings to OpenDNS

– Open the Control Panel and select Network Connection.
– Right click on Local Area Connection option select properites.
– In connection This option maximizing the internet connection  uses the Following items: select Internet Protocol
(TCP / IP) then click Properties.
– Click Use the Following DNS server addresses:
Fill in the Preferred DNS server: 208. 67 .222.222
Fill in the Alternate DNS server: 208. 68 .220.220
– Click OK
– Exit and restart Windows.

3. Set the Buffer in Windows

– Go to the Run Command Start Menu Pad a
– Then type the system.ini then click OK.
– Once open in the last line add.
page buffer = 100000kbps 100000kbps load = download = 100000kbps
save = back = 100000kbps 100000kbps
– It will look like this:

; For 16-bit app support
wave = mmdrv.dll
timer = timer.drv
woafont = dosapp.FON
page buffer = 100000kbps 100000kbps    load = download = 100000kbps 100000kbps save = back = 100000kbps

– Save and Exit and then restart windows.

After we set up a few things above maximizing the internet connection , please try to access the internet from your computer, feel the difference.

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