Learning web / blog easily with Instant WordPress

Learning web / blog easily with Instant WordPress. Learning web / blog on a computer without an internet (offline or local) may be for some people considered impossible due Learning web / blog synonymous with online facilities. But with instant wordpress, wordpress will be easy to learn without an internet online.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which is widely used today, Learning web / blog easily with Instant WordPress but because of its simplicity, community support, plugins and themes that are very much to make wordpress so popular and much in demand. Additionally, with the help of a wordpress website / blog can be developed not only for blogging, but could be developed into an official website, community, advertising to the web for sale (e-commerce).

For most computer users, especially in Indonesia, when I have to learn wordpress online at any time may be a little inconvenience and cost a pretty swell, but a limited internet connection, internet speed is not stable sometimes it can be a barrier to learning. Therefore, one solution is to learn the local computer without internet connection (offline).

Running website like wordpress on local machine will require Learning web / blog easily with Instant WordPress some additional software or other applications, such as Apache (web server), MySQL (database), PHP and others. With Instant WordPress we do not need to set up (think of) it, including creating a database, because we can just run wordpress.

Installation and Usage

To quickly try to use the Instant WordPress, please download here. Furthermore install and place the result in any folder you want. Our results will also be moved around and copied to another place and can be executed directly.

Next open the folder and run Instant WordPress InstantWP.exe file, it will show the main menu there are a few instant WordPress menu, with the following explanation:

WordPress tutorials, will show the index page (home) web or blog
WordPress Admin, displaying the page for incoming administrator page (login), the user should: admin and password: password
Plugins folder, to open the plugins folder, when you want to install a new plugin
Themes folder, to open the themes folder, when we want to try to add new themes
MySQL Admin, to open and manage MySQL database page website / blog
Documentation to open the online documentation page instant wordpress

In addition to running through the application of load, we can also type in on the web browser to view our main website. WordPress is an automatic way (without needing to install and setting database), which is included Learning web / blog easily with Instant WordPress in the instant blog wordpress has also included examples of content (either post or page). Once installed, we can also move or copy folder instant wordpress to various other places and immediately executed.

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