kinds of logical port on the computer

kinds of logical port on the computer. Port is a hole or line found on the computer device that serves as a pathway to access the data transfer in and out.

Inside the box there is a type of computer logical port device port, the Port Physical (physical port) and Port logic (logical port).

logical port

Physical port (physical port) is a socket or a slot that is usually found on the back of the computer, this port is used as the connecting device is a computer with supporting devices such as mouse, keyboard, monitor, and so forth.

Logical port (logical port) is a socket or port used by the software or software to connect to another computer or to a network base internet of course.

This time I will discuss is the Logical Port (logical port) that relate directly to the Internet.

Port 80, Web Server. This port is typically used for web server, so when the user typing the IP address or hostname in Web browser web browser then they will be looking at the IP on port 80,

Port 81, Web Server alternative. When port 80 is blocked then port 81 will be used as an alternative port hosting website

Port 21, FTP Server. When someone is accessing the FTP server, the ftp client will default to connect via port 21 to ftp server

Port 22, SSH Secure Shell. This port is used for SSH port

Port 23, Telnet. If you run the telnet server port used for connection with the telnet client telnet server

Port 25, SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol). When someone sends mail to your SMTP server, the port is port 25 which is used

Alternate SMTP Server Port 2525. Port 2525 is the port of TZO for active alternatifi menservice email forwarding. Port is not a standard port, but can be using  logical port when exposed to block smtp port.

Port 110, POP Server. If you run a mail server, if the user logs into that machine via POP3 (Post Office Protocol) or IMAP4 (Internet Message Access Protocol) for receiving email, POP3 is a protocol for accessing mail box

Port 119, News (NNTP) Server.

Port 3389, Remote Desktop. This port is for remote desktop on WinXP

Port 389, LDAP Server. LDAP Directory Access Protocol is becoming popular for Directory access, or Name, Telephone, Address directories. Examples for LDAP: / / LDAP directory server LDAP.Bigfoot.Com adalaha.

Port 143, IMAP4 Server. IMAP4 or Internet Message Access Protocol increasingly popular and is used to retrieve Internet Mail server jauh.Disk of more intensive, because of all the messages stored on the server, but allows for easy online, offline and disconnected use.

Port 443, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Server. When you run a secure server, SSL Client to connect to Secure your server will connect on port
443. This port needs to be open to run your  logical port own Secure Transaction server. Port 445, SMB over IP, File Sharing. Weaknesses windows which open these ports. This port is usually used as a port, including printer sharing file sharing, the port is easily inserted viruses or worms and the like

Ports 1503 and 1720 Microsoft NetMeeting and VOIP. MS NetMeeting and VOIP allows you to host Internet video calls or other.

Port 5631, PCAnywhere.

Port 5900, Virtual Network Computing (VNC). When you run a VNC server remote control to your PC, using port 5900. VNC is useful if you want to control the remote server.

Port 111, Portmap.

Port 3306, Mysql

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