How to use the Cpanel Web Hosting, and get some tools that are used in cpanel hosting

Control Panel or the Web Manager is the most popular tool for managing your website. With the Control Panel, you no longer need to use manual methods to manage your website. You also no longer need to contact your hosting staff for the manufacture of new email addresses, subdomains, backup, creation of new databases, change passwords FTP / Control Panel and so on. Everything you can do yourself by logging into the Control Panel

Facilities Control Panel:
1. E-mail:
Managing Your E-Mail (to add, delete, edit or change the password)
Webmail for each email address. Webmail is a E-Mail software that allows you to read an email where & anytime: at home, at work or anywhere.
POP3 accounts to add, edit & delete your POP3 e-mail that can be used in Outlook Express
E-Mail Forwarding to add, edit & delete your e-mail forwarding. You can divert email example: to &, etc.
Auto Responder to add, edit & delete the e-mail Auto Responder you can use as an automatic response.
Mailing List to create a discussion group like
Custom mail filtering
DNS / MX Management to change the DNS, MX, CNAME, etc.. Indispensable if you use free web mail like, or
– Domain Forwarding to divert all mails from one domain to another domain. For example: if you redirect emails from to, then all emails sent to will be sent to (eg: will be sent to name @ Onlineshop. com).
– Default Address Manager which allows you to divert all email addresses that have not been made to an email address. For example: if you only make “”, then all email sent to (besides will be accommodated in a mailbox (eg:
– Catch All that can be used to sent to one of your main mailbox.
– POP3 Mail Password Changer to change the password of your own POP3 email without having to contact the webmaster / admin you are replacing it for you! Because your email password is confidential!

2. Site Tools:
File Manager to upload, edit, delete, protect & change the permissions on your files.
Change Password to change the password & your frontpage website,
Install / Uninstall FrontPage Extensions
General Account Information section to see the amount of website space, database space, bandwidth, subdomains & mailing lists are still available. So you can determine when you should upgrade your hosting package.
General Server Information to see the version of Operating System, apache, php, database, perl & module, sendmail, bind & ftpd.
Custom Error Pages to set what page will be displayed if your website link wrong (Error 404) or if your script error. (Error 500)
Redirects to divert the website address, for example, visitors enter the will automatically be redirected to:
Image Manager works to create thumbnail images (small size photo), resize photos and convert images from one format to another.
MIME Types Manager
Apache Handlers

3. FTP (Upload / Download):
FTP Accounts Manager to add, remove & replace the FTP password.
Anonymous FTP controls to create a public access FTP.
Anonymous FTP Message
FTP Sessions Control

4. File Access Protection & E-mail security:
ClamAV Virus Scan, anti-virus which is used to analyze E-Mail, your home directory, the contents of your website and your Public FTP.
Spam Filtering (Spam Assassin) to control email spam into your mailbox.
Box Trapper serves to ward off an e-mail from senders not on your white list (you do not recognize the sender or often called spam). With the Box Trapper, before the sender (which is not in your White List) can send you an email, the sender is required to reply to the verification email that is sent automatically by your email account.
Web Protect (. htaccess editor) to protect a specific folder on your website by using the “username” and “password” certain.
Leech Protect function to protect the “Web Protect” above. If you provide your username and password specific folder (eg to your friends and then your friends give username + password is open to the public (eg the forums or mailing lists), then chances are Leech Protect can help you. You can determine how many users are allowed to enter the username & password within 2 hours (eg 2 users). You can also arrange for you to get an email alert whenever there is more than two users who try to sign in using your username and password page. You can also decide to address what the user will be redirected.
Hot Link Protection allows you to specify what file extension (eg. Jpg) that can not be Direct links by other websites (Direct Link = file can be downloaded directly from other websites without having to open the HTML of your website). Other websites can still access your files that others such as files with the extensions:. Html,. Php and so on, depending on how your setup.
IP Deny Manager IP Address functions to determine what you do not allow to access your website. Very handy for protecting your privacy.
Index Manager allows you to turn (on) and off (off) function “indexes” in a folder. If the function indexes in a folder is turned off (off), then visitors can not see the files contained in the folder (the folder that has no index file, eg index.html)

5. Statistics / Counter (Site Visitor Analisys):
Web Statistics Webalizer to analyze the number of visitors to your website in detail. Per day, per month, coming from a website which, from what country and many more. Not just an ordinary counter.
Statistics FTP FTP user to analyze the activity in your account.
AWStats, other software to analyze the number of visitors to your website in detail. Another alternative for those who feel less comfortable with Webalizer.
Analog Stats, additional software to analyze the number of visitors to your website. But with the version that is simpler and easier to read.
Subdomain statistics to analyze the number of visitors on your website subdomain.
Latest Visitors to display the last 300 visitors on your website and some interesting information about them.
Bandwidth Usage to find out how many bytes have been transferred by your website.
Error Log to display the error message generated on your website, such as image files that do not appear, lost files and so on. Very useful for those who use programming languages ??such as CGI Scripts, PHP and so on.
Raw Access Logs for your website to download the raw logs.

6. Backup:
Backups consist of: Full Backup, Backup Home Directory & Database backups. Now you can have backups of your website on your home computer hard drive!
Restore backup to restore the backups that exist on your computer to your website. Backup and Restore you can do your own website with easy and convenient, anytime. Data security more secure your website and in your hands.

7. PHP / CGI Auto-Installer (not including additional 50-over scripts from Fantastico, softaculous, instalatron, etc..):

Allows you to install the following script in a matter of seconds and with just one click (without having to edit any file)

phpBB Forum (Bulletin Board) to display the discussion forum on your website, so that your visitors can interact on your website.
Agora Shopping Cart shopping cart functions to manage your website visitors that your product is more easily selected and paid.
Simple Guestbook for a simple guestbook.
Advanced Guestbook guestbook for a bigger, run with PHP & mySQL Database.
Counter website to display the number of visitors on your website.
Mail Form allowing your visitors fill out a form on your website, then a message page will be converted into an email and sent to your email address (visitors do not need to know your e-mail)
CGI Email, alternative software. Almost the same as Form Mail above.
Banner Rotator function to display random banner ads (auto switch) on your website.
HTML Chat for adding a chat facility on your website.
PhpMyChat to add a chat facility on your website, but is supported by mySQL database.
Random HTML Generator to display the message / text randomly (auto switch) on your website. For example to make: “Today’s Tip” or “Humor Day”.
Real Time Java Clock to display the hours in “live” on your website.
Date to display a countdown clock back up to the time that you specified.
Entropy Search function to display the search engine on your website
CGI Wrapper for the installation of non-suexec

8. Database Management:
– MySQL Databases Manager to create / modify / drop / insert tables in your database!
PhpMyAdmin Access

9. Domain Management
Sub Domain Manager to add & remove a subdomain ( Each equipped with its own FTP upload password.
Subdomain Redirects serves to divert a subdomain to another website. For example diverted to
Subdomain statistics to analyze the number of visitors on your website subdomain.
Addon Domains, to add another domain to hosting
Park Domain, to park another domain to website
10. Advanced Tools:
SSH access, similar to telnet but encrypted. Safer than regular telnet access. Generally very useful for web programming and installation scripts. While this account can not be used for the ssh server security
PGP Keys Manager

11.Network Tools:
DNS Lookup
Traceroute to check the domain, IP, ping, whois, DNS records and so on.

taken from various sources may be useful for you:)

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