How to Use Google Plus



How To Use Google Plus. Maybe for most people in the world, Facebook is the only website to connect with social networks. + However, Google has created a model of “circle” to separate people into different groups. the application of its use is much easier than on Facebook, where awkward situations can arise at the user when confronted with information that may be more personal. And relationship to the circle of your friends, and allows the sharing of education and work history with your business circle. Such as Facebook, Google + lets you create a separate page for business as well.

How to Use Google Plus

Start a Google Plus

Just as in other emerging social networks, create a public profile is the first step. But Google + requires only your first name, other information can be kept private. You How to Use Google Plus can also map out where you’re located and easily add other social sites to your profile. Be sure to set up email notifications to your taste.

Next, double click on the icon circle to make a circle and add people to them. Start with a blank circle naming or adding a person in the circle, and give names.

Post and Streaming Google Plus

Like Facebook, you’ll want to get people involved with making the content interesting and useful, which will appear in your post, may be shared with individuals or with the whole circle of “flow.”, And through the loop you have added to How to Use Google Plus , it’s up to you to be see your message. You can lock and prevent people from posting resharing by clicking the little arrow to the right of your post. Use the + or @ in front of the shortcut name to add it to your message or comment.

Make a Recommendation Google Plus

How to Use Google Plus

Such as “like” Facebook button, the +1 indicates a positive recommendation, wherever it appears. Add one to your website, so visitors can provide value +1′ in google search results.

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