How to displays RUN menu in Windows 7

Displays RUN menu in Windows 7. Maybe a little of our Windows 7 users are aware that Windows 7 no RUN menu, it turns out this menu is not removed, but was deliberately not addressed by the manufacturer, Microsoft.

Perhaps the RUN command is for general users is not often used, not even once, however, for users of Advanced, this command is very important to allow users to execute commands or specific sintax.

Displays RUN menu in Windows 7

One feature that is missing in Windows 7 is not appearing in the Start Menu RUN menu that we usually accessed when we are using the Windows XP operating system. Actually RUN menu is already represented by the Search Programs and Files box but if you want to keep access to some programs or commands via the RUN menu like in Windows XP.

Actually, to display the menu we simply type RUN on Search Programs and Files box, then RUN menu will appear. But if you want to order the RUN menu appears permanently on the Start Menu, then we must set first, as follows:

Displays RUN menu in Windows 7

– Right-click on the Start Menu, click Properties
– On the Start Menu tab click the Customize
– Find the Run Command menu, then turn the
how to tick (check) in the selection box
– Click OK and then click OK again to save

If we have to make sure the above settings, click the Start Menu now and we will see the Run  menu appears How to displays RUN menu in Windows 7 on the Start Menu.

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