Cosmos: Maximize your Android phone

Cosmos is an Android application optimization consists of three security features in one application. The third feature is the Battery Optimizer, Trash Cleaner and Privacy Scanner. Explanation is less than 3 security features are:

A. Battery optimizer

In this feature you can increase the battery standby time of your Android device with a choice of three different options.
Balance, which provides battery saving options to enable internet connection every 15 minutes or so to provide an opportunity for the installed applications to synchronize with an internet connection.
Power-Save Mode, which allows the activation of an internet connection every 30 minutes.
Extreme-Power, who gave permission to the battery optimizer to disable all internet connections.

2. Trash Cleaner

Trash cleaner with this feature, lets you delete all search history in the mobile phone and browser. Trash Cleaner can also detect and remove all remaining storage (caches) left by the applications installed on the phone.

3. Privacy Scanner

To make sure your phone is safe from the possibility of identity theft by malware applications or virus attack, you can take advantage Privacy Scanner that will detect all the activities undertaken by the application in the background. Privacy Scanner contains a list of applications that are grouped into categories as follows:

– Location Tracker: here you can see a list of applications that can track where you are
Access Text Messages: In this category, you can see what applications can access the messaging features of both sms or mms.
Make Outbound Calls: In this category, you are treated by a series of applications that have the ability to make phone calls.
Personal Information: the name, you can now easily find out what applications are able to find and dig up the personal data stored in your phone or tablet.
Network Access: By selecting this category, you can check what applications can access network information that you are using.
Intercept Ougoing Calls: By looking at this category, you can now check for any application that can be tapped telephone conversation that you do.

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