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Content management system

After a few previous exposure we’ve talked a lot about what is Content management system (CMS), and a few examples, now it is good we peeled one by one on the various Content management system. This time I will try to discuss about what it wodrpress, review a little about wordpress, and do not miss the excess and lack of use of WordPress for Content management system.

In other words can be definision WordPress as a blog tool designed to facilitate the creation and maintenance of blogs such as writing, editing, pempublikasian blog posts and comments with specific functions to manage images, video, web syndication, and moderation of posts and comments. Besides easy to use, it will also blog very easily recognized by search engines like google or yahoo. And many additional applications to maximize the blog and the themes that are easily managed to enhance your appearance make WordPress great demand by most bloggers.

Content  management system
What is wordpress

WordPress is an open source application (open source) that is currently very popular as a blog engine (blog engine) and Content Management System or CMS. WordPress is built with PHP programming language and database (the database) MySQL. Besides for blogs, WordPress is also very well used as a Content Management System or CMS we often brief, because of its ability to be modified and adapted to the needs of its users. WordPress is the official successor of b2/cafelog developed by Michel Valdrighi. Name WordPress proposed by Christine Selleck, a friend of the head developer (developer), Matt Mullenweg.

History wordpress so it becomes a popular Content management system

As a start, let’s look at a little history about wordpress, wordpress By studying the history of our expected performance will be much easier to understand how to use wordpress and maybe even expand it.

According to the information I got from wikipedia, wordpress first developed by Matt Mullenweg, Matt Mullenweg is an active user of b2, one day b2 development process will be stopped by a programmer named Michel Valdrighi for something unknown. Mengetahiu this, Matt Mullenweg was sorry and wanted to continue mengembangjan b2. This seems to be a stronger foundation so that wordpress can be as big and popular as it is today.

Effort was initiated in early 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and assisted his friend Mike Little. Along with perjembangannya, wordpress Being one Content management systems are increasingly popular, but because the number of features and an attractive appearance, is also due to the open source community support for the blog.

WordPress into a powerful Content management system

WordPress is a blog tool based programming language PHP and My SQL data base and public licensed (GPL), wordpress is a CMS (Content management system) which is free. CMS here is in question here is a software that can manage the content of a website or blog blog.wordpress is a platform as a successor of the same generation and still B2/Cafeblog like CMS based on PHP and My SQL others. Until now, many users are satisfied with the reliability and stability CMS (Content management system) WordPress.

Advantages and disadvantages of CMS Content management system WordPress

Advantages of WordPress:

1. Templates look very good standard and plenty pilihanya.

2. Menu navigation and setting dashboard so very
3. templates is very easy to install directly on wordpress.
4. The registration process can use the address
Another email.
5. display a standard WordPress blog is very professional look.
6. Got a useful facility Site Stats
monitor the progress of the blog.
7. Widget congenital complete.
8. There askismet seo plugins and ready to use.
8. Create and delete a blog too
9. Navigation key post editing very

Disadvantages WordPress:

1. Template premium paid and rather expensive
2. Not all widgets from the outside can
installed in WordPress.
3. Somewhat longer indexed search engine google.
4. Not easy to install widget google adsense
5. It does not support Javascript.
6. Indeed, additional menu2 widget
very complete, but confusing for a blogger
7. Template from the outside can not be installed
except for the paid version, can only be
use the default template free.

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