Content Management System (CMS): Difference between Free or Paid

CMS Content Management System

Currently, many service options Content Management System or CMS often we are familiar with. Whether it’s paid or free. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, CMS are some examples of open source or free, while paid like, Expression Engine, Mambo, and much more. Free Content Management System is usually used for websites that are private, whereas for sites such as corporate websites, government, education, online stores, tend to use CMS paid the extra security considerations.

Furthermore, we will discuss a bit about some of the differences between Free CMS and CMS Commercial them. Of course, with consideration of our needs and the nature of our site. Actually very difficult to determine which Content Management System (CMS) is best. However, little did we think about the type of website that will be created, to what the website is, and how much budget is available to create the website.

CMS Content Management System

Here’s a little explanation about some of the differences between the Content Management System (CMS) and Content Management System (CMS) Commercial.

Content Management System Free (Open Source)

Content Management System can be downloaded for free on the internet, because it is free, its development from the developers who voluntarily contribute to the improvement and increasing performance. Free CMS development usually faster than CMS Commercial.

CMS is its free, so is available for free on the Internet, which can be downloaded and converted his script code.

Excess Free Content Management System:

– Installasi process easy, fast and free, except for the lease payments domain and hosting.

– Testing the performance and stability of its faster (not necessarily better)

– Many support the Technical Support forum or blog related CMS tutorial, along with the handling when an error occurs.

Disadvantages Free CMS:

– Security was lacking, especially for large data management and are important / personal. because of its safety or Open Source code script can be seen and can be learned by anyone.

– The number of developers too much, so often cause damage, especially to the system, this is because every developer has a point different flowers in developing a web application.

– In development now, many developers Free Content Management System that is less professional, so often the problem arises due to incompetent programming.

Preference settings menu is quite complicated and it takes a bit of programming language skills to Why every application integration better.

Commercial Content Management System:

Basically Commercial Content Management System is almost the same way it works with a free CMS that has the ability to process web content, but for the CMS paid, restricted access script code. Even in some of the company’s Web Developer, can not access the script code, or the price to be able to access the script code is very expensive.

Excess Commercial CMS:

– For obvious security concerns no doubt, because the script code can not be accessed by anyone.
Support team is always ready in the event of an error or crash. treatment usually different each developer CMS.

–  Minimal stimulation system conflict, the article is just made by the same developer.

– Development of more competent and stable because it is handled by professional developers and skilled in their fields.

– Usually Commercial CMS made as simple as possible (users friendly) in accordance with the needs of the client, so the client is minimal in the ability of a programming language, much easier to operate buses.

Disadvantages Commercial CMS:

– The process of making a long and often expensive, because of the developer to build from scratch.- Performance and stability it took a long time for testing.

– Technical Support is usually an additional charge.

Some of the explanations above are few of the many advantages and disadvantages between the Content Management System (CMS) with a Content Management System (CMS) Commercial. in fact if we look at and analyze in more detail, there are many advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully useful.

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