About Domain and Hosting

About Domain and Hosting. is the internet services that provide the resources to rent servers to enable organizations or individuals to put information on the Internet in the form of HTTP, FTP, EMAIL or DNS

Server hosting consists of a combination of server-server or a server that is connected with high-speed internet networks.

There are several types of hosting service that is shared hosting, VPS or Virtual Dedicated server, dedicated server, colocation server.

Shared Hosting is using the same shared hosting server with other users of the server used by more than one domain name.

VPS, Virtual Private Server, or also known as About Domain and Hosting Virtual Dedicated Server is a virtualization of the operating system software environment used by the server. Because this environment is a virtual environment, it is possible to install an operating system that can run on other operating systems.

Dedicated Server is the use of a dedicated server for greater application and can not be operated in a shared virtual hosting or dedicated server. In this case, provision is borne by the hosting company server that typically work with the vendor.

Server Colocation is where to put the rental service server used for hosting. Servers supplied by customers who typically work with the vendor.

Whether it’s Domain?
Domain is given a unique name to identify the name of the server computer as a web server or email server on the internet.
Domain gives kemudahkan users on the Internet for access to the server and server to remember the visited compared must be familiar with the row number or a known IP.

What’s the Difference Domain and Hosting
Hosting is the space in a computer server that is used as the placement of data and files. Domain is the address that is used for data placement and to place the file.
In a simple analogy:
Domain = Number your mobile card (081xxxxxxxx)
Hosting = device your mobile phone (nokia9500, motorola vrazer etc.)

Top Level Domain, Second Level and Third Level Domain Domain
Top Level Domain is a row behind the word domain names like. Com (dotcommercial). Net (dotnetwork). Org (dotorganization). Edu (doteducation). Gov (dotgoverment), and. Miles (dotmilitary).
There are two types of Top Level Domain, Domain and Hosting Virtual the Global Top Level Domain (gTLD) and Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). gTLD is as described above and the ccTLD is designated TLD for each country, such as Indonesia with the ID code (co.id, net.id, or.id) or Singapore with a code of SG (com.sg, net.sg, etc.).
Second Level Domain (SLD) is the domain name you register. For example, you register your domain name is domainku.com, then the SLD and domainku. Comnya the TLD.
Third Level Domain is the name before and Second Level Domain Top Level Domain. For example, the domain name you have is domainku.com, then you can add another name before domainku, namely mail.domainku.com or search.domainku.com. services that sell third level domain is enom to:. us.com **, **. br.com, **. cn.com, etc.. while giving away free is freedomain.co.nr provide **. co.nr for free

Your Domain Status

there are some status in your domain:


Domain in the inactive position and can do any changes by the owner of the domain.
Domain in the inactive position but for the owners of the domain with locking security reasons in doing so can not make a change in ownership of the domain.

Domain will be removed and will be in the list again in 37-82 days. not all REGISTRAR-HOLD status will be removed because it still allows domain owners to extend their length.


Domain will be removed and will be in the list again in 31 days.


Domain will be removed and will be in the list again in 6 days.

Domain in the inactive position but for the party regitrar with locking Domain and Hosting Virtual security reasons in doing so can not make a change in ownership of the domain (usually in the lock by the registry for reasons of fraud, etc.)


Domain will be back in the inactive position after extended by a previous owne

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