About Access points

About Access points. Access point is a device, such as a wireless router / wireless, which allows wireless devices to connect to the network. There is a router on the access point built-in, while others must be connected to the routerĀ about Access points to provide network access. In both cases, the access point is usually designed for other devices, such as a network switch or broadband modem.

Access points can be found in many places, such as homes, businesses, and public locations. In most homes, access points function as a wireless router, which connects to a DSL or cable modem. However, some modems may include wireless capabilities, making the modem itself as an access point. Large companies often provide multiple access points, which allows employees to wirelessly (without cables) connected to a central network from different locations of course, with any device that supports wireless features

Acces point

public access point can be found in shops, cafes, restaurants, libraries, and so forth. even some cities already provide public access point in a wireless transmitter that about Access points connects to the street lamps, and other common objects.

While wireless access point typically provide access to the Internet, some are only intended to provide access to a closed network or private network.

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