problem fix quotas cpanel error : edquota: Quota write failed (id ): Invalid argument

In my vps virtuozzo have troble on quota unlimited for some user, Two days back I came across an issue, where one customer was unable to change the quota settings of a user from WHM. In WHM no errors are reported, but in the cpanel error log quota writing failure messages were reported. Running the fixquotas script also didn’t helped. The output of that command is pasted below,
-bash-3.2# /scripts/fixquotas
Installing Default Quota Databases……Done
Linux Quota Support
Quotas are now on
Resetting quota for blo3 to 2500 M
edquota: Quota write failed (id 504): Invalid argument
Resetting quota for agre to 200 M
edquota: Quota write failed (id 513): Invalid argument
Resetting quota for earn to 500 M
edquota: Quota write failed (id 503): Invalid argument
Resetting quota for elks to 1000 M
edquota: Quota write failed (id 521): Invalid argument
Resetting quota for usan to 500 M
edquota: Quota write failed (id 514): Invalid argument

The solution for this fix was to run the quotacheck command with the following options,
/sbin/quotacheck -vguma

The details about the switches are pasted below,
-v :- quotacheck reports its operation as it progresses.
-g :- Only group quotas listed in /etc/mtab or on the filesystems specified are to be checked
-u :- Only user quotas listed in /etc/mtab or on the filesystems specified are to be checked. This is the default action
-m :- Don’t try to remount filesystem read-only
-a :- Check all mounted non-NFS filesystems in /etc/mtab

Running the above quotacheck command solved the issue in my case. Hope this might help someone:)

Maximize performance on the iPad

iPad tips and trick. Does your iPad device suddenly running slow? It did not seem like it’s a common problem, and in general, and that too often occurs a few cases are caused by a wrong application or an application running in the background and still take up too much memory. Here are some reviews to deal with things like that.

A. The first thing we should try is to clean up the most recent applications of memory. iPad multitasks work by delaying the application iPad tips and trick  is no longer active, but allows a portion of the application to continue running. In this way, Pandora is able to send music to your speakers even after you close it.

Close the application, you can do this step by double clicking the home button at the bottom of your iPad. (This is a circular button that you use to close the iPad application.) When you press twice in quick succession, the task bar will appear showing your most recent application to use.

Simply touch the applications and hold your finger down until the icons begin to glow. Small red circle with a minus sign in the middle will appear at the top of the icon. (Your screen will look similar to the one above). At this point, allowing you to touch the red circle to close the application.

Try to look at from the list of applications running, please close the first four or five apps and see if it speeds up and help. If not, try closing a few more, but if it does not work, go to step two.

2. Sometimes just closing the application will iPad tips and trick not alter performance significantly. In this case, reboot the iPad is the best way. To reboot the iPad, hold down the sleep / wake up to perform the instructions tell you to slide the button to turn off the iPad. After the screen goes completely dark IPAD, IPAD is turned off and you can start back up again by pressing the sleep / wake.

With some of the methods above should IPad you should have responded much better. If you still find that the iPad is slowing down after use, try to remember and look at the applications running at the time. Sometimes, a single application can cause the iPad to begin to perform poorly.