How To Repair Windows XP Profesional

How To Repair Windows XP Profesional. Have you had failed to boot when the computer was first turned on?

Maybe that’s when you are forced to fix How To Repair Windows XP Profesional ,
but do you know how to repair a right?

Before the process is done, we prepare some tools that may be required to have, including:

– Windows XP Professional CD-equipped Serial Number as the version installed on your computer, you are obliged to prepare

– Connect your computer to the UPS to anticipate the possibility of sudden blackouts

If you have prepared the above we can immediately begin the process of improvement.

1.Check initial boot (First Boot) in the BIOS settings on the CD / DVD ROM. Boot option setting is on.
– If you set the initial boot is CD / DVD ROM drive and Windows XP Prof CD input to the CD / DVD ROM, (note the first when the serial number on the CD) and then restart your computer.
– While doing the initial boot after the BIOS will display it says “Press any key to boot from CD”, then press any key on the keyboard.
– Windows Setup will make the process load the necessary files from the CD to display a blue background,How To Repair Windows XP Profesional wait until the display “Welcome to Setup”, then press ENTER
– Will the look of Windows XP Licensing Agreement, press F8 to continue.
– System Windows will detect if there is already installed or not, if existing installation of Windows XP, it will be displayed in the list. If no, then it will not be able to repair installation of Windows XP (have to reinstall).
Once found, it is selected (select) Windows XP already installed (usually labeled C: \ Windows – Windows version) and then press R for repair to the windows XP Installas.
Wait until the installation is complete, and ask the computer to restart in 30 seconds
When booting appear “Press any key to boot from CD” try not to press any button,Repair Windows XP Profesional if you press and then the process will start all over again.
Wait until the repair is completed, if the requested serial number Windows, fill in the corresponding SN are available on your Windows CD.
The computer is completed ready for use.

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