Differences Hub and Switch

Differences Hub and Switch. Hubs and switches are the type of computer network equipment that allows a device is connected to the Internet network devices. Both are different in the way of passing packets on the network traffic they receive.

Differences Hub and Switch

Network hubs and switches are two very important components of local area networks. They serve to facilitate the connection of one Differences Hub and Switch computer to another computer that creates multiple LAN. Depending on your network needs and size, the choice between hubs and switches will play a vital role in network speeds and network stability.

Differences Hub and Switch

Definition of Hub
‘Hub’ is a term that is sometimes used to refer to any network equipment that connects computers together, but in fact his theory was that the term actually refers to a multi-port repeater.Differences Hub and Switch Types of devices only forward (repeats) all information it receives, so that all devices connected to a port that receives the information.

Hubs repeat any form of information they receive and repeat it so as to allow the expanded network. However, this can generate lots of traffic that actually do not need to be sent to every device on the network.

In a small network which has only a few clien devices only, but again not a problem for the networks, bigger is often used, a piece of network equipment (such as switches) may be needed to help reduce the amount of unnecessary traffic is generated.

Definition of Switch

Switch controls the flow of network traffic based on address information in each packet. A digital switch is connected to its ports by monitoring the packets it receives, and then forwards the packet to the appropriate port only. This allows simultaneous communication switches, increasing bandwidth, so the information can be more quickly accessed.

Switches and hubs typically are used in the same network, the hub has the function to expand the network to provide more ports, while the switches divide the network into smaller ones in the data traffic is less dense.

When using a Hub or Switch?

Differences Hub and Switch

In a small network that is usually less than 30 users, may Hub can easily be overcome network traffic and is the ideal equipment to be used to connect users. But when the network is getting bigger and probably more Differences Hub and Switch  than about 50 users, you may need to use a switch to split the hub, to reduce the amount of unnecessary traffic is generated.

Messages Analysis on the Windows Blue screen

Windows Blue Screen. Maybe we the users of the computers that use Windows operating systems have experienced a sudden the screen turns blue (Blue Screen of Death) and there are no known writings. Usually this warning will be displayed by the windows in the event of a fatal error in windows operating system.

Windows Blue Screen Problem Being / Blue Screen Of Death is usually associated with hardware, drivers, or software windows blue screen malfunction, error processor system memory or RAM. Registry has been altered and damaged or unsuitable use of the DLL.


Blue screen


Some of sintax message that often appears on the screen Windows error / Blue Screen Of Death:

This error message is usually caused because there is a mismatch driver installed on your computer.

NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM or FAT_FILE_SYSTEM (0x00000024) or (0X000񵌗)
This error message is a little give at least where the damage is located, which is on a partition or filesystem is usually caused by damage to the hard drive.

If you get an error message like this, can be caused because you do Overclock Hardware mungin excessive. there is a computer component that is too hot. Error in the BIOS and CPU are also common

This error message is caused because of the possibility that the processor or RAM memory or maybe it was damaged in the memory slot on your motherboard is faulty.

This error message is caused due to hardware malfunction, including main memory, video card, or memory in the processor (L2 Cache)

This error message is caused due to an error in the wrong hard drive jumper configuration, boot sector virus, the wrong IDE controller driver, or chipset driver error.

This error message is caused due to an error occurs on the video card driver installation is less than perfect, restart during the installation or can also occur because of errors in the installation

Error message is caused because of this error can occur because of errors or incompatible drivers. Often occurs when installing XP from an upgrade, or rather of the new installation.

This error message is caused due to damage to RAM.

This error message is caused by a defective CPU, or an aggressively overclocked, and the power supply to power shortages or damaged.

Any problems in SCSIPORT drivers that do not use folders as transfer buffer I / O.

Probably from exposure above the windows blue screen minimum we can know what the error messages that appear on our computer, and immediately call a computer technician we trust.