Repair all Database Table on Cpanel Server

Have you ever experienced crashes on your cpanel server? until the server can not be restrained in the back and had to hard reboot? and will add more problems when the server is up, all your database crashes and can not be running mysql server? If so these tips may be able to treat your database table crashes. No need to panic and confusion, because to fix quite a few command-line only course: D

First maybe you can try the following tips:

1) /etc/rc.d/init.d/mysql stop

2) Repair all SQL databases:
myisamchk -r /var/lib/mysql/*/*.MYI

3) Start mysql again:
/etc/rc.d/init.d/mysql start

If it does not work, could in the following way

mysqlcheck –all-databases -r #repair
mysqlcheck –all-databases -a #analyze
mysqlcheck –all-databases -o #optimize

hopefully this article useful, have a nice day!

How To Save Battery Life on Smartphones

Android Battery

How To Save Battery Life on Smartphones. Some might Smartphone users in particular with the Android operating system is often complained about the battery charge, How To Save Battery Life on Smartphones which is a wasteful use, even dropdown.

Actually, the problem of the battery on the Android device is closely associated with features that came with the phone. usually, more advanced mobile phones, the possibility of battery consumption will be greater as well. but did not rule out the possibility that the new device To consume low power, because it uses the system consumtion saving.

Here are the different way that should not be activated to conserve battery life Android phone:

Demanding applications of this satellite system obviously requires no small amount of power consumption for its operation. To find out whether or not the GPS active status, the user can see the notification bar.

2. Bluetooth
This feature is often used How To Save Battery Life on Smartphones when the user activity data and file exchange between the members of the mobile users. Android device users are strongly advised to turn off Bluetooth when not in use.

3. WiFi
Wifi is a wireless internet signal that can be captured by mobile devices that must have been equipped with this feature. Android device users are advised to turn off WiFi when not in use

4. Mobile Data
Always-ON switch settings onĀ  How To Save Battery Life on Smartphones Mobile Data is always active because it’s Mobile Data set Always-On by default.
Mobile Data has a function to always be connected with internet connection,

5. Screen Timeout
Set Screen Timeout most appropriate to the phone screen is not too long or too short in light condition. Choose 30 seconds by way of the Settings> Screen & display> Screen timeout.

6. Screen Brightness
Setting the Screen Brightness phones at position 30% will take effect on battery consumption. the higher the greater the consumption of mobile Brightness barerainya

7. Wallparper
Installation of static wallpaper will also make an Android phone battery last longer. How To Save Battery Life on Smartphones Compared with 3D wallpaper that looks good to the eye, wallpaper of this type require battery power to move the image.

8. Use headphones when listening to music because it will save more energy than using the default speaker device.

9. Application
See which applications are consuming the most energy. That way you can control the use of the application tersebut.Tutup applications that are not used because of its multifunctional be the deciding factor device runs out of energy.